The Girl Behind The Blog

Thank you for visiting my blog, i hope you get inspired yet entertained through my words. My name is Monica Kusono. I'm an introvert which means i do write a lot than talk. You must be know common thought about introvert is shy, but that's just a way how we live our life. I write diary, i enjoy me time so much and everything that takes loneliness, but i call it pleasure.

I realized my passion is fashion when i was about to give up deciding my future. Start from picking science major in high school, every subjects stressed me out, then i realize for my entire life what i passionate about is fashion, for me fashion is not just a look, it's an education. I chose science because i don't know why while deep in my heart, i know i'd rather choose social major. A little tips from me : follow your heart. Sounds cliche but that's freaking true.

But I'm grateful because if i was choosing social major, i would decide my life to go for history, economy and even accounting, i wouldn't be here enjoying my blog. Even every choice has a positive lesson. At least.